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San Diego Colocation

This article will explain what colocation is, why you would colocate a server, why you would need colocation, why you should colocate your server in San Diego, and what services to expect with your colocation.

What is Colocation?

Colocation gives you space at a data center to put your servers. With colocation you have physical access to your servers. Colocation provides you multi homed bandwidth, redundant power and cooling for your servers.

Why Would I Colocate a Server?

You would colocate a server if you want to host on your own hardware and you need physical access to your server. With colocation you own the hardware and you are provided space in a data center. Colocation gives you full control over your server. Colocation is also cost effective if you have multiple servers.

Why Do I need Colocation?

A lot of people wonder why they would need colocation. Often people try to run their servers off a t1 or even a dsl line. Colocation provides redundancy that you would not usually be able to have if you ran your server at your own facility. Colocation provides redundant power and cooling so in the event of a power failure your server will still stay online. Colocation also provides top of the line internet bandwidth. Instead of a single t1 at 1.5 mbps colocation servers usually have a 100mbps or 1000mbps drop from multiple high speed transit providers so even if one transit provider fails your colocated servers will still be accessible.

Why should I get San Diego Colocation?

Generally you should get San Diego colocation if you live in San Diego. If you live in San Diego and you do not have San Diego Colocation then you would not easily be able to access your servers.

What Services should I expect with colocation?

Generally with colocation you manage all of your servers. With colocation you get physical access to your servers on a 24X7X365 basis. You also get a priority number to the data center for reboots for your servers. Zanadoo can also provide manged colocation, hardware repalcement, software management and KVM over IP.

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