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cPanel Web Hosting

This article will explain what cPanel is, what cPanel web hosting is, the advantages of cPanel web hosting, the disadvantages of cPanel web hosting, and how to get cPanel web Hosting.

What cPanel is

cPanel is a graphical user interface for to control everything under your web hosting account, cPanel allows you to add subdomains, e-mail accounts, install scripts, add a new i.p. Address, setup private SSL, and much more. cPanel Web Hosting allows you to control every aspect of your web hosting through an easy to use online web based control panel that is available 24/7. With cPanel Web Hosting you can even create private name servers.

All about cPanel Web Hosting

cPanel web hosting is a web hosting account that comes with cPanel. While with some web hosting accounts you need to contact your host to do a lot of things cPanel web hosting allows you to do everything your self, without cPanel web hosting you would not be able to do that. cPanel web hosting is important for anyone who wants web hosting.

Advantages of cPanel Web Hosting

cPanel web hosting has a unique advantage because it is a popular system. It is extremely easy to transfer to a host that offers cPanel web hosing if your web host knows what they are doing. Most web hosts that offer cPanel web hosting also offer webmail and lots of other features that hosts that do not offer cPanel web hosting do not offer.

Disadvantages of cPanel Web Hosting

cPanel web hosting does have some disadvantages. One disadvantage of cPanel web hosting is that you can not cluster servers together like with Hsphere. Another disadvantage of cPanel web hosting is that cPanel is a resource hog. That means that cPanel takes up web hosting server resources.

How to get cPanel Web Hosting

To get cPanel web hosting simply sign up. Once you are signed up your web host will call you to confirm your order and your cPanel web hosting will be setup almost instantaneously. cPanel web hosting is a great way for new businesses to get started!

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