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Private Name Servers

In this article we will explain what private name servers are, why you would want private name servers and how to get private name servers.

What Are Private Name Servers?

Private name servers are and Usually when you sign up for web hosting you use your hosts name servers.

Why Would I want Private Name Servers?

When you have your own private name servers it looks like you are running the hosting company. Instead of people seeing your web hosting companies name servers they see your private name servers. If you sell hosting and you do not want your customers to know who your web host you would want your own private name servers. Another reason for having private name servers is that if you host multiple domain names then you can update the I.P. address for the private name servers once instead of having to update the name servers for multiple web sites.

How Do I get Private Name Servers?

If you purchase shared hosting or are a reseller to get private name servers it is simple. Just ask! If you have a dedicated server it is more complexed. The first step to setu your private name servers is to create a dns entry for ns1, and once you have done that you must register the name servers with the registrar. Once your private name servers are registered with the registrar youcan start to use them.

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