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Linux Dedicated Servers

Linux dedicated servers have become a phenomenon in the hosting industry. This article will try to explain how the Linux free operating system has managed to become the leading operating system on dedicated servers.

Linux dedicated servers do NOT require licensing or royalty fees

Yes you heard it right! Renting Linux dedicated servers does not require you to pay for the operating system. This is why Linux dedicated servers are cheaper than other commercial alternatives. Whether you are running one Linux dedicated server or hundreds of dedicated servers you will not pay one penny for the operating system, due to its Open Source / Free nature. You are also legally allowed to redistribute Linux to anyone you want.

Linux dedicated servers give you more control.

A Linux dedicated server gives you more control, simply because it is free software ( free as in freedom ). Unlike proprietary operating systems, you have access to the source code, so you are able to modify your Linux dedicated server the way you like. The power of a Linux operating system allows the same operating system to run on a dedicated server, or on a mobile phone.

Linux also includes a vast array of free application that you are able to use free of charge and access the source code. Linux dedicated servers include package managers, which allow you to install applications automatically on your dedicated server. You just enter the application name, and voila! Your application is installed. On a Linux dedicated server, there is no more need to manually install applications, you are in control!

Linux dedicated servers are more secure.

Linux dedicated servers are more secure than their proprietary counterparts. This is by far the most arguable statement about Linux. So how could a dedicated server running an operating system (Linux) whose source code is viewable by everyone be more secure than dedicated servers running proprietary operating systems that do not allow you to access their source code?

Well, open source code is of higher quality than proprietary software, because many eyes are looking at it. The programmer who is writing code is unable to write messy code because other programmers will look at it, and evaluate the programmer. Another reason to run Linux on your dedicated server is that if many people can view the code, then security holes are found much faster, and fixed faster. Moreover, statistics show that attacks on Linux and other dedicated servers are not driven by analyzing the source code, but by analyzing the behavior of the dedicated server in question.

Linux dedicated servers include free unlimited community support

Unlike other operating systems, Linux is a community-oriented operating system. Think of it like a group work. Whatever your question is, you will find people who want to help you. This is why Linux dedicated servers are freely supported by the community through forums, mailing lists, blogs...
This type of support is more superior to a company supporting your Linux dedicated server. A company supporting your Linux dedicated servers is unlikely to be more knowledgeable than a community consisting of millions of users, regardless of the technical expertise of that company's staff.

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