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The Data center operats on a 100% Escort IN / Escort OUT - 5 Zone Security Policy.

Zone 1 = Outside Facility

  • One Way Glass
  • Digital Surveillance
  • Visual Identification done by CD Employee before entry

Zone 2 = Reception Desk

  • Digital Surveillance
  • Identification Physically Verified by CD Employee and matched to listed access information before entry is granted to datacenter Mantrap.
  • 100% Escort In/Out Facility

Zone 3 = ManTrap

  • Digital Surveillance
  • Floor to Ceiling Steel Cage
  • Biometric Scanning required for colocation floor access

Zone 4 = Colocation Floor

  • Digital Surveillance
  • Physical Monitoring of facility and personnel

Zone 5 = Private Suites / Locked Cabinets

  • For customers that need additional security, or who are dealing with Hippa or Sarbaines Oxley compliance issues, our private suites add another layer to the already impenetrable security offered.

Raised Floor Environment

The entire facility is operated on raised floors, ensuring proper air floor and cooling in even the most demanding conditions. Raised floors also keep power, Ethernet, and fiber away from public access.

HVAC Systems

The Facility utilizes advanced airflow monitoring systems to ensure that proper temperature and humidity levels are maintained around the clock. Redundant Liebert conditioning units are found throughout the facility.

Connectivity Options

Premium Multi-homed Bandwidth, or choose from one of our 10 In-building Tier 1 Fiber Connections.

Hand-Offs and Connectivity Distribution

Multiple distribution switches feed 10Mbps, 100Mpbs, Gigabit Ethernet hand-offs to our customers. Copper, T-1 (DS1), DS3, OC3, Gigabit Cross Connects are also available. Customers can choose from a single upstream feed, or we can provision an HSRP (Hot Standby Routing Protocol) connection for more redundancy.

Power Systems

The Facility maintains dual generators for maximum uptime. These generators feed multiple UPS systems that provide uninterrupted power to the colocation floor. Power distribution is handled by redundant Power Distribution nodes throughout the colocation floor. Customers can choose to have redundant power connections provided to their colocation space, fed from separate power distribution nodes for maximum redundancy. The power system can sustain operation for up to 2 full weeks at maximum load without power from the primary SDGE grid.

Fire Suppression

Network Operations Center

The Network Operation center is the heart of our facility. From here, employees monitor customer access, physical security, upstream connections, monitoring services, and our customer case system.

You will also find Crash carts fully equipped with Flat Screen monitors, KVM switches, keyboard, mice, and more. Should you forget a screw or bolt, or possibly even a tool – our helpful Network Operation Staff will be happy to assist in any way they can.

Network Core

The Complex Drive Network Core is a high security area in which we house 10 Tier 1 Fiber connections, and 6 of our core Cisco routers. From this room Internet connectivity is fed redundantly to the different segments of our internal and customer networks. Our facility is the single most fiber connected building in San Diego.  

  • Wireless Internet Access
  • Projection Equipment
  • SmartBoards
  • Conference Phones
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